So I was on Instagram a couple of weeks back and I came across a video that one of the girls I follow posted, and when I saw this I just HAD to have one of my own !!! I did a bit of research, googled reviews of the product ,(which my boyfriend taught me to do if i wanted to purchase something:D), and watched videos of the product and how it works and I could only find positive reviews and posts.

That very next day I went out and searched for it at Dischem. No such luck 😦 I tried Clicks at the Brooklyn mall and there were only 2 left !!! I grabbed it and clutched it all the way to the tills, trying to decide if i was being silly or not. I mean it wasn’t like the cheapest thing ever ! I figured YOLO .. haha .. and to my surprise it was on special and I got R300 off. Ok it was meant to be !

I went straight home and tried it out. OMG it’s so cool 😀 So so so happy I got it!!! It’s just amazing and my hair got the perfect curls and looked so thick and beautiful ! It took some getting used to. My hair got stuck once or twice but that was because of my own stupidity. But after I got the hang of it, it was really simple and easy to use. It’s sort of difficult to explain how it works but basically you put your hair between the handles and once you’ve closed the handles, the styler automatically rolls in your hair. Then you just wait for the number of beeps (depending on which setting you’ve chosen, which I’ll explain later) and release the handles and your beautiful, perfect curls will fall out 😀

My hair is about mid-chest length and I have quite fine hair. It’s recommended that you don’t use this product on very long hair because it will get stuck ! But if you have really long hair then I’d say you can still use it but just start half way down your hair and curl from there down. There are 3 different time settings:

  • 8 seconds for loose waves. It will beep 3 times to indicate that you must release your hair
  • 10 seconds for soft curls. It will beep 4 times to indicate that you must release your hair
  • 12 seconds for defined curls. It will beep 5 times to indicate that you must release your hair

AND you get 2 different heat settings:

  • 210 deg Celsius for fine/ damaged hair
  • 230 deg Celsius for normal/thick/curly or wavy hair

In the picture above, I used the 8 second setting on the 210 heat setting just because I wanted a natural wavy look and because my hair it quite fine. But that’s not to say I won’t try the other two settings sometime ! 😀 I went and bought the GHD heat protector, which is amazing, just for extra protection because my hair is FINALLY really healthy and how I want it to look because about 2 years ago my hair was really damaged and I NEVER  wanna go back there again 😦 !!!!! So over all I’m really happy and impressed with the Babyliss Curl Secret and I highly recommend it to all you ladies out there. You can also use it even if your hair is quite thick or if your hair is slighty frizzy or wavy. AND an awesome extra… the curls stay in for a few days, obvs without washing it! So cool 😀

If anyone else has this product or has questions let me know 😀 I’d love to hear from you!

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IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!! Spring … my favorite time of year. And this season its all about FLORALS 😀 Whats not to love about that, right?! I’ve been following a lot of fashion posts all over, while it’s been summer overseas, and I’m absolutely loving whats hot this season. 


Ok, so as I’ve already mentioned, floral prints are first on the list. I’m talking about playsuits, dresses, crop tops, lose-fitted, high-waisted shorts, skirts, camisoles, you name it! FLORAL IS THE NEW BLACK 😉

Second up is bright colours and colour blocking. I was never really one for wearing a lot of vibrant colours. Maybe because I never really found anything cute and that caught my eye. But I’ve found SO many cute tops and shorts already and cant wait to wear them 😀 To accessorize I would wear a beautiful, bold statement necklace and a big ring that colour-block the colour of the clothes you are wearing. Also … bright pumps. LOVE! Either wear a matching coloured pump to your outfit or, again, colour block! Be bold this spring and try it… you can’t go wrong:D

For a cute and fun accessory I’m loving the floral head bands! They are adorbs and it’s the perfect accessory to top off your whole outfit. They are definitely a must have this spring and EVERYONE can pull this look off !

Another tip.. NAILS! No one likes unpainted, drab-looking nails! I’m not saying go have them professionally done all the time. Even just a home job is perfect. Pick vibrant and bold colours for your nails, ( they don’t even have to match your outfits each day. That’s what makes it more fun 😉 ). I promise you this, you’ll feel more confident and pretty with painted nails! IF you are able to have them professionally done then don’t hold back. Bold, statement nails are HOT this season. You have to try it at least once ! 



  • Topshop
  • Cotton on
  • Factorie
  • YDE
  • Mr. Price 


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Trying to find the best place to set up my blog !



OK!… so this was SUCH a mission to get right. It literally took my whole Sunday morning/afternoon.

But I finally got it right and found the best place to set up. So all the Google searching and app downloading was worth it, although at the time I was ready to give up in a huff!!! But this is quite fun and I’m glad i FINALLY have a blog. 

So stay posted for, basically, just a fun and easy read of things I enjoy and think is worth the post. It’s probably mainly going to be about fashion, clothes, accessories and new things I’ve found or want to buy. But I promise to keep it fun, interesting and informative 🙂


Loves until my next blog:)